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Children learn best when opportunities to grasp new concepts are presented through play. Our nationally accredited older toddler classrooms are designed with that concept in mind! ChildsPlace succeeds in providing older toddlers with opportunities to form social bonds with their peers while teachers provide the guidance needed to learn to share and take turns.


Classrooms are composed of learning centers including art, block, dramatic play and sensory exploration; all which support the growth of older toddler’s budding autonomy, ability to problem solve and foster self control. 


Teachers fill toddlers days with opportunities for choice and self expression. Hands on literacy, math and science activities motivate children to participate and learn and are presented in both small and whole groups to foster cooperation.


Monthly in-house field trips allow us to expand upon our learning themes and bring curriculum to life! We continue to offer gross motor opportunities within older toddler classrooms as well as in our indoor toddler gymnasium and age-specific playgrounds. 

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