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We believe that during the early years of a child’s life his or her mind is naturally inquisitive and open to learning. We take the time and apply the skills needed to nurture and challenge each child’s unique interests and ideas. A child’s feelings of adequacy and accomplishment are central to the success of the whole educational process. A positive self-image gives each child the confidence, security and motivation to enjoy learning. 


Our teachers respect the individuality of each child and are dedicated to developing a loving and supportive relationship with each of them. This relationship, built on respect and trust, will allow your child to have a positive, rewarding, fulfilling experience that will be the foundation for their never ending love for learning.


Here at ChildsPlace, we let children know how important and special they are. Each educational program is designed for a specific age group. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff members have the knowledge needed to design and implement developmentally appropriate activities. The programs and their activities provide each child with the opportunity to observe, explore, create and learn within an educational environment.

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