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Our teachers are educated, experienced, caring early childhood professionals. They are dedicated to their profession and enjoy working with children. Our teachers are anxious to work with parents to provide a supportive, rich and fulfilling learning experience for their children.


The top priority of our teachers is to provide a safe, loving, supportive environment for your child. Our goal is to offer your child the special love and guidance that will encourage them to grow and learn within an enriched educational environment. Your child’s day will be filled with opportunities for personal exploration and growth.


We place special emphasis on formal and informal conferences and encourage daily parent - teacher communication to ensure we are effectively meeting the needs of your child. Our teachers are always available when you and your child arrive in the morning. We want the transition from home to school to be a positive and enjoyable morning routine. Teachers look forward to sharing your child’s activities and accomplishments with you when you arrive at pick up time.


Our Parent Board in each classroom provides the following: our “Activities for the Week” highlighting the areas of development that each activity addresses; our “Learning Centers” materials and themes for the week; a “Daily Note” from our teachers sharing additional information about the classroom’s adventures; weekly menus of our breakfast, lunch, and snacks; and important school notices, news, and events.

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