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Children are an inspiration; each holds promise for our future. They supply us with endless rays of energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and hope to keep us going. In ChildsPlace's Kindergarten Program we strive to motivate your children to do their best and extend their own personal limits. Our goal is to help students to experience meaningful, interesting learning that applies to their lives. We have a fantastic time accomplishing this though the use of hands-on activities, cooperative learning, and integrated curriculum.  We understand that all children grow and learn at their own rate. In Kindergarten, we strive to ensure each child’s needs are met and are challenged at a level and pace appropriate for them. Our classroom famil helps each other and work as a team during the year as we grow and explore how much fun learning can be!


Morning meeting is one of our key academic times of day.  During Morning Meeting children have the opportunity to interact socially and strengthen their listening skills. We begin each day’s circle with music and movement songs to build on such skills as strength, balance and the ability to control the movement of their bodies and to wiggle out the sillies before settling down for discussion time. Everyday we discuss what the day’s events will be and offer friends an opportunity to contribute our own ideas to the group. Concepts such as calendar, jobs, weather, math, literacy, social studies and science curriculum encourage children to participate and feel connected to our classroom family. Story time closes out each day’s circle and will offer an opportunity to highlight special authors and thematic units that are being presented.


Daily visits to learning centers and the completion of "challenges" keep learning fun and challenging!  Monthly themes are reinforced through hands on projects during Learning Centers each day. Each project is designed to broaden the children’s base of experience with the understanding of the monthly themes. New concepts and activities are introduced with an emphasis on the development of listening skills, fine and gross motor skills, creativity,hand-eye coordination and social skills. Science, math, literacy, social studies and multicultural concepts are incorporated into our activities.Teachers and children gather in small groups where they explore and create with a variety of materials. Children are encouraged to let their self- expression and creativity shine!Teachers differentiate curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of each student. Our program provides opportunities that promote learning, cooperation, sharing, respect for others, respect for property, self control, a sense of responsibility and a positive self image.  We ensure first grade readiness by collaborating with area schools regarding kindergarten learning goals and drawing from the same curriculum resources: Everyday Math, Fundamentals Literacy Program and Handwriting Without Tears.